Artisan Series (3-pack)

Artisan Series (3-pack)


The Artisan Series is our bean-to-bar chocolate collection. The beans are selected for their integrity of flavor then roasted, winnowed, and refined in New York City at Gotham Bar & Grill.

Maya Mountain: certified organic cacao from the mountains in central Belize. The Maya Mountain bar is a full flavored chocolate with notes of raisin and red fruit.

Öko-Caribe: located in the Duarte area of the Dominican Republic where 165 family farms collectively produce award-winning certified organic cacao that yields a deep, dark chocolate with notes of dates, raisin, and roasted orange peel.

Hacienda Azul: produces a sustainable and consistent chocolate. The flavor profile has a bright, woodsy quality with notes of black tea and chicory root. 

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