At first, we did it to see if we could.

Pastry Chef Ron Paprocki is a meticulous craftsman and wanted to take his chocolate making direct to the public. The craft movement has become its own booming U.S. industry; as the return-to-quality trend continues to evolve, so does the American palate. Dining, eating and drinking have become one of our forms of entertainment, even adventure, and Chef Paprocki’s take on chocolate has been to the delight of longtime Gotham customers while bringing new friends to our fold with the singular lure of chocolate.

Chocolate, like wine, is a reflection of place, bean, climate, and the chocolatier. It’s no longer just candy you grab at the register, but rather an indulgence to be celebrated and savored. (The good stuff even boasts mood and health benefits.)



Our Gotham Chocolates’ adventure continues with Chef Paprocki’s latest creation, a line of bean-to-bar selections called the Artisan Series. The direct-trade beans arrive in sacks weighing 65-kilos (143 lbs) from specific plantations in Belize, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. These plantations farm organically and responsibly to yield the best fruit while preserving the habitat. Our team then sorts, roasts, and refines the beans with the simple addition of organic sugar to create bars that showcase the region and the variety inherent in the cacao. By controlling each step of the process, we’re able to maintain high standards and extract every last bit of flavor and nuance from the raw product. 


Maya Mountain — a pristine, protected region in the lower half of Belize — is a prized tourist destination for its natural beauty, wildlife, and Mayan ruins. We source our beans from a collective of cacao farms that are certified organic. The beans are centrally fermented and sun dried for optimal flavor. Take a trip to this beautiful area with Chef Paprocki’s expression of its cacao: full-flavored chocolate with notes of raisin and red fruit.

Öko-Caribe in the Dominican Republic is a fermenting facility that contracts with 165 small family farms located in the Duarte region to produce certified organic cacao. Öko Caribe produces consistent award-winning cacao and Gotham Chocolates selected these beans for their distinctly dark, deep quality with a light smokiness and hints of roasted orange peel and dried dates.

Hacienda Azul is an estate located next to an active volcano in the heart of Costa Rica. The farm was founded by Wilfred Zeuner, who meticulously plants cacao and is hands-on with the farming, cultivation, fermenting, and drying of the beans to assure their quality. In Chef Paprocki’s hands they unveil a deep chocolate with tobacco, black tea, and chicory notes.  


Take your chocolate journey with this new line of Artisan Bars from Gotham Chocolates, where every bite’s an adventure.