Once reserved strictly for royalty, Caviar has long been synonymous with luxury. Salt-cured sturgeon roe is one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world, often fetching several hundred dollars an ounce. This is due mainly to the high cost of raising the fish to full maturity (20-30 years), the sensitive nature of harvesting, and the care required in curing and packaging their delicate eggs.


The Caspian and Black Sea Sturgeons — of which there are three main varieties: Sevruga, Osetra, Beluga — are widely considered to produce the highest quality caviar in the world. The Osetra species (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) dates back 250 million years, and we now know some of our ancestors in the Middle East and Europe understood how to properly cure and enjoy caviar. In 330 B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle even made mention of it.

There was even a time when American waters were filled with this great prehistoric fish. In the late nineteenth century the United States was one of the largest exporters of caviar in the world. How the quality of that caviar compared to the great caviars of the Caspian and Black Seas we may never know, but given Europe was one of our largest trading partners we have to assume the product was pretty good.

One week from today we kick off our Gotham Experiences Dinner Series with a three-night Caviar Event. Chef Alfred Portale has created a five-course menu, where each dish will feature a different caviar offering. Caviar Russe, Gotham’s exclusive caviar partner, is an authority on the subject and we’ve been working with them to curate an experience like none other. We have selected four premium offerings for the event, all sustainably harvested from the revered Caspian Osetra Sturgeon. Diners will get the rare opportunity to taste a variety of styles — one right after the other — to better understand the nuances of this rare delicacy.

We invite you to experience Caviar in a whole new way.



Warm Kusshi Oyster

buttered leeks
* gold osetra caviar *

Celery Root & Honey Crisp Apple Velouté

butter-poached maine lobster
* classic osetra caviar *

Dover Sole

shaved brussels sprouts, spring onion, marble potatoes
* siberian sturgeon caviar *

NY Strip Steak

creamed spinach, fingerling potato with kendall farms crème fraîche
* select osetra caviar *

Vanilla Parfait

passion fruit, coconut sorbet
* mango “caviar” *


April 17, 18, 19