Gotham Bar & Grill opened its doors in March of 1984…  

It was a transformative time for food culture in America. This was before the James Beard Awards and celebrity chefs, and nearly a decade ahead of the launch of The Food Network. But dining habits were starting to change, and Chef Alfred Portale was determined to change the way people experienced fine dining. No pretense, just great food served in a relaxed but elegant room. We called it “Casual Elegance.” Who knew that it would be the beginning of a whole new era for American restaurants.

33 Years Later…

In a city that continually reinvents itself we work hard to keep growing, evolving. And so we introduce the Gotham Journal, a digital magazine exploring the changing landscape of American food culture. Look for short films, essays, recipes, and interviews. We invite you to join us and become part of the dialogue; let us know what you’re curious about. Share your thoughts and photos as we work together to build a stronger Gotham community centered around food.

Introducing the Gotham Journal   August 1, 2017

Introducing the Gotham Journal
August 1, 2017


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